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The Global Approach : 


• recognizes and identifies strengths, weaknesses and needs of the athlete; 

• promotes personal, emotional, professional and sport development; 

• links different stakeholders and strengthens supervision of the athletes; 

• allows the athlete to integrate the know-how of experts in their daily routines; 

• is essential to all athletes who have the ambition to become a "champion."



Tactical Development 

Using field exercises through a variety of play, Academy (360) coaches provide cognitive evolution (perception, pattern recognition, attention, decision making and memory) through strategic approaches, adapted to his everyday life.  


Technical Development 

To make a tactical task successfully, you need a good technique. Through sensory methods known as "classic", the coaches of the Academy (360) offer targeted exercises to improve the form.  


Physical Development 

The core of athletic development is unquestionably fitness. Without proper coordination, agility, speed, endurance, balance, flexibility, etc., the athlete can hardly expect to master the tactics and techniques. A specific rigorous exercise program is created and customized to meet the needs of each athlete guided by the support of top notch coaches and trainers at Academy (360).


Psychological Development 

The mental ability (concentration, strength, commitment, creativity) in the long-term development is as important to the success of the athletes as fitness, tactical and technical skills. A psycho-sports development program was created to meet the psychological demands of high performance sports.  


Framing & Competition System 

The competition system refines, maintains and manages all the technical, tactical & mental skills needed in a competitive environment. Academy (360) offers a mentoring program (preparation and analysis of the game) for each event. A tournament schedule is strategically designed for each program level by the head coach.*Internal Tournaments (360), provincial and national tournaments referenced by the federations.


Structure of Training 

The Academy aims to "draw a clear path" for future tennis champions at the provincial, national and international levels through a rigorous training structure influenced by values ​​such as discipline, teamwork, the commitment, self-improvement and combativeness. The competition schedule is based on several models of development such as LTAD.  

Academy (360)’s specialized training techniques allows the athlete to develop decision making skills while learning to understand the game by utilizing targeted intervention to help the athlete develop at their own pace and to their full potential.


Medical Monitoring 

The athlete commits body and soul through constant repeated efforts and that’s why Academy (360) developed an intensive sports medical team.  


Sports Nutrition

Monitoring Nutritional food preparation is to food what physical preparation is to training. The preparation for the season rests on training cycles including volume, intensity, competitions and recoveries. With sports nutrition experts, Academy (360) has designed a program that is tailored for each preparation and competition phase.  


School work 

The athlete is eligible for top level management only if their grades allow. Academy (360) requires a school report each semester, aimed at measuring the behavior and involvement of students in their schools. If the report is not conclusive, Academy (360) in collaboration with the school and parents, will take steps to remedy the situation.  


Parental Support 

An essential pillar in the global approach, parents have a major influence in the evolution of the athlete. Academy (360) offers the opportunity to participate in conferences, meetings and other exchanges throughout the year. Academy (360) strongly supports the involvement of the family, and is working with parents to create a committee aimed at building a solid parent/coaching relationship.

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