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About (360) Academy


New dimension

New Generation

Academy (360) is intended to solely cater to athletes with ambition and determination to steer their young lives in a constant and rigorous training process to become part of the elite of world tennis.


Academy (360) is proud to introduce a new generation of athletes and coaches.


The icon of the modern coach is certainly Mathieu Sarrazin; co-founder and head coach of Academy (360) Inc. Categorical, relentless and cool, Mathieu is a coach who knows how to find the balance between hard work and fun.


Before Team Quebec, consisting of 10 year old players, Mathieu said, “We drafted you to be part of the best of the best. Do you know what that means? You are considered among the provinces elite and to be the best brings huge responsibility to remain there! If you think it will be easy, you’re wrong. You will need to work hard.”


The new generation of coaches, like the high performance athletes, have nothing to do with the older generation. Today brings new customs; new realities. We certainly find the same core values in a successful, high performance athlete: passion, discipline and determination. But the actors are not the same (parents, youth, and stakeholders). Academy (360) offers a new approach to capture more attention and the interest of Generation Y athletes to the power of 10: highly connected, highly technically inclined, highly non-conformist and highly emotional.


Experience (360) as we implement the concept of respect, courage to face anything, and determination to pursue and achieve goals. “Put yourself to the test. That is the beauty of it. Although, it won’t be easy. It takes hard work to achieve great heights.”

Much more than a tennis school, Academy (360) is a school of thought that makes our youth better in every sense of the word; it is an ideal environment that allows the athlete to live the best experience and to develop to their full potential.


Because we are convinced that there is room for an academy offering a new philosophy and an innovative platform with programs designed for today’s generation who want to reach their full potential;


Because we want to ensure that our Quebec athletes will take centre-stage consistently on the highest level;


Because during the last two years, we have explored and observed what was best in the art of teaching tennis in the world and we sampled various styles and teaching methods of the most renowned schools;


Because every athlete is unique and we do not believe in one training system;


Because we are true fans of the sport and knowledge transfer;

We invite you to live the
(360) experience.



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