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Main Partners

This year we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. From one generation to another our mission has remained the same, “to provide an ideal location for fun and exercise.” A unique, yet, different environment in personalized customer service. SANI is much more than a club, it’s a lifestyle.


You satisfaction is our main concern, now and for years to come because who knows…the next 40 years will perhaps fall into the hands of a new generation. 


The Garceau Family

Owners since 1974


SANI Advantage

5 activities for the price of one

Tennis-Gym-Aerobics-Racquetball and Squash



The (360) Educational Institutions Affiliated



To obtain the List of schools recognized by the MELS and Tennis Quebec

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Schools offering the program « Sport-Études »

and the Student Transportation Services

The associated Companies



Online on September.



Teams (360) Volonteers 


Online on September.





Sports study program of Academy (360) aims to be a program recognized by the

Government Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports,

and by the Provincial Sports Federation (Tennis Quebec).



To whom it is addressed?


Students with skills to compete at the provincial and national levels.



What are the steps?


Contact the head coach of the Sports Study Program at Academy (360);
Attending evaluation days or making an appointment for a private evaluation;
The chosen candidates will be invited to an evaluation camp;
Following the evaluation camp, 16 athletes will be selected. In June 2016, among the 16 athletes
only 12 will be chosen to represent Academy (360);
It is the responsibility of parents to choose a school that has an adapted scholarship program to fit the training schedule;
Subscribe to sports-study program at Academy (360) before August 15, 2015- To remain dedicated to the Academy (360) vision of building champions please note that the number of spaces available are limited





The Team (360) 


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