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The Team (360)


 (360)  Coaches


Mathieu has been very busy indeed. While studying at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, he was responsible for the tennis program in Montreal and director of youth programs at Carrefour Multi-sports. A Level 3 certified coach, Mathieu was part of the coaching program at Sport Education Club tennis Ile-des-Soeurs and the sports centre Tennis 13 (Academy AMA).


Mathieu joined the Tennis Quebec Team in 2008 and is presently head coach of Team Quebec for youth 10 years old and under, plus as a level 3 certified coach for Tennis Quebec, Mathieu heads the instructor level 1 training program. Mathieu is the training coach for the Canadian championship held each year for athletes 14 years old and under.


With Tennis Canada, he is part of the mentoring program since 2013. In 2012, Mathieu received from APT the prestigious Gary Caron Award which is given to the coach with the greatest potential in reaching the highest teaching level.    


Winner of the provincial event of the year for the Quebec championship, 18 years and under in 2008, Mathieu is recognized for his ability to design and achievements of provincial, national and international events.


Since childhood, Mathieu has had a vision about starting a tennis academy. From the age of 15, he has been destined and determined to realize his dream. His efforts have been rewarded. Today, his vision has come into focus. Academy (360) is now a reality. Today, Mathieu is a perfect example for young people that dreams can come true.


Head Coach, Team Quebec U10

Tennis Quebec


Mathieu Sarrazin
Co-founder and head coac
Head-Coach of the National Program
Level 3 coach, Tennis Canada

Strength Coach for the Canadian Fed Cup Team. 

Trainer for Francoise Abanda, currently ranked 261st on the WTA Tour. (May 2014)
Trainer for Eugenie Bouchard, currently ranked 20th on the WTA Tour. (May 2014)
2002- Received the Bronze Award from the NSCA for his support and promotion of the organization.
Elected to the post of Provincial Director for the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Quebec.





Dean Hollingworth
Strength Coach 


With over twenty years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Dean has established himself as a highly regarded fitness consultant. Being a certified strength and conditioning specialist, as well as a certified tennis performance specialist, the Montreal native has extensive experience working with kids and young adults in helping them develop speed, agility, coordination and strength.

Dean’s rapid rise amongst the fitness community can be attributed to his honest dedication to excellence in his field. Working with various Quebec organizations as a youth fitness specialist has given Dean many opportunities to develop athletes in tennis, hockey, gymnastics and football.

Dean’s strong passion for sports has led him to work and consult with both amateur and professional athletes including those belonging to prominent National teams.



Chantal had no idea she was going to start a tennis academy one day but she was quickly drawn in by Mathieu’s vision. As the marketing plan began to evolve, she started to see the project unfolding and became excited about being a part of Mathieu’s plan to develop Academy (360). She realized her entrepreneurial and marketing expertise was going to be key components to helping Mathieu’s vision become reality.


We all know that only one in a million athletes will achieve a top 10 ranking in the world. Chantal is convinced that with tools such as self-esteem, being able to overcoming objections, instilling a drive to work hard work through determination, integrity, discipline and how to handle defeat, that even if a person doesn’t become a top 10 champion, every athlete who steps through the doors and onto the courts at Academy (360) will use what they’ve learned to grow personally and professionally along their life’s journey. That is also Academy (360)’s vision for each athlete.

Chantal Laforest

Co-founder and Director

Communications and Marketing specialist

Doctorate in Chiropractic at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières
Certified in Active Release Techniques ®

Certified neuro-proprioceptif taping  ( K-Tape)
Certification Sports First Responder

Dr. Bruno Marcotte

DC. Chiropractor


Chiropractic care is well-known in the world of sport. When the body is tired and muscles are strained, chiropractic care brings critical support to help the body heal, recover and become stronger. Thus, helping to prevent future injuries while optimizing the performance of the elite athlete.  


Certified in Active Release Techniques, Dr. Marcotte has a great demand for the treatment of soft tissue in sport techniques. 


(360) Specialists


Chiropractic Clinic
Personnel Trainer

(360)  Parent Involvement Committee 



For reasons of confidentiality, we will post the list of experts and coaches at the opening of the Academy in September 2015.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Coach, Canadian


Tennis Quebec


Director of

instructor training

Tennis Quebec

The List will be online on September
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