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Objective (360)

The main objective is to develop

a method and an approach

which will all, athletes, trainers,

specialists and relatives, 

work together to share a 

common vision, to realize

a commun goal.



Philosophy (360)


By taking the best interests of

the athletes, the academy has

to give them, to there parents

and to the trainers

the opportunities,

the necessary resources

and the best support

to realize the excellence. 



(360) Mission

Supervise and develop the

best athletes of the country,
Prepare and bring the athletes to surpass themself to improve their performances by innovating constantly.
Prevent enjuries to manage

a long-lasting success.

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The Rigor

Rigor is a valuable quality in the world of high performance sports, but also it can be a burden for some schools which may abuse it. Academy (360) is committed to promoting rigor without curbing the creativity and development of the athlete. 



A fighting spirit is essential for achieving high levels. It is through adversity that an athlete develops a desire to win. Whatever the objective, the project or the difficulty that is faced, it is important never to give up! This value is conveyed both on the court and in everyday life. 

The competition

Without exception, all athletes in Academy (360) must compete. It is imperative that each athlete is committed to tournaments and to participating in sporting events. The capability to manage stress before, during and after competition is a determining factor in high level sports.


Always aim Higher

Sport encompasses going beyond your capabilities. First you need to know who you are, find your limits while getting out of your comfort zone and going beyond.


The Small Details make the Difference

Giving importance to details can make all the difference in reaching a goal. Like a drop in the ocean or a grain of sand in the desert, but it remains that they are the essence of the great strengths of the universe. 



Pride is an inner feeling of contentment and self-esteem that comes from reaching goals. Without effort, you may be content with your results, but to be proud of your results will take effort to go beyond - to excel to new heights.


Related to the love of sport, pleasure, satisfaction, or to push the limits to achieve objectives, the motivation is the engine of learning. Academy (360) seeks to identify the motivational factors of each athlete, measure and to introduce experiences and develop them further.



The key to performance is unequivocal commitment. A winner with the right surroundings will keep and continuously drive toward the ultimate objective: a gold medal. A true athlete is unstoppable – neither bad experiences, nor long training hours, or discouragement resulting from injury will stand in the way of achieving his mission. That is the quintessence of 100% commitment. 



To achieve excellence, teamwork should exist in everyday life. It is essential that all stakeholders and athletes are in harmony. The feeling of oneness and belonging, is closely linked to the development and success of the athlete. 



The athlete, parent and coach evolve “together.” To promote the emergence of collusion, we need to listen, make ourselves available, and be in tune in order to “get to his level” with the athlete and the world around him. 



We are not born champions, we become one!


The value Academy (360) stands behind is we are committed to the athletes’ success.

Like a beam of light from a lighthouse Academy (360) is focused on guiding the athlete to reach new heights.


About (360) Academy


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